Giving C# enums string values using attributes and extension methods

Every now and then I stumble across code where it could be useful to have a string value associated with an enum value, but it seems not well known how to do this, hence this blogpost.

First we need some usings:

using System;
using System.Linq;
using System.Reflection;

Now let’s see how our Enum will look like, we can add a string value as attribute to each enum value:

public enum Color

To get this to work, first we need a class for our attribute:

public class EnumStringValueAttribute : Attribute
    public EnumStringValueAttribute(string value)
        StringValue = value;
    public string StringValue { get; set; }

With this we can already compile our code, but we need something more to actually access the values:

public static class EnumExtensions
    public static string GetStringValue(this Enum enumValue)
        Type type = enumValue.GetType();
        FieldInfo fieldInfo = type
        return fieldInfo

Now it’s ready to use. As it’s an extension method, you can access it directly though any enum value:


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